About Us

Train Like a GOD

Heathen Gear was created to fuel the inner beast of people so they can train like the gods. We believe that everyone should become their own Warrior and reach the halls of Valhalla. Our workout apparel has been known to increase ego and encourage a vulgar display of power. It gives anyone the courage to rise to the occasion and push past their limits. From workout straps to merch, our products sculpt and strengthen your abilities and encourage anyone to live as vicariously as the Vikings of old. Join us and reclaim your power from the Allfather himself. Our products meet you where you are and help you shatter the limits of what’s possible.

Our Mission

To Support men and woman looking to conquer the gym with products and apparel gifted from Odin Himself, designed to help you unleash your inner Heathen.


The Vikings were powerful beasts who had the right tools; strong ships, protective shields, and purpose-built weapons. We provide various workout products, from workout bands to work out apparel meant to help anyone embrace and harness the power of Vikings. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the inherent power of the gods and the mentality to take whatever they want. At Heathen Gear, th